Vision of Escaflowne – Anime TV Series Analysis – Fate and Luck

The Divining Pendant

(Major Spoilers Ahead!)

It is a wonder that I am still alive.

Throughout most of my childhood and adolescence a divining pendant determined my health. Whenever I would come down with something as simple as a cold or as complicated and mysterious as a thyroid infection every Valentine’s Day, my mother would solicit the help of her New Age guru Don. Based upon my birth date, name and a physical possession of mine he would psychically prescribe exact daily dosages of vitamins and herbal remedies. A divining pendant (a New Age crystal on the end of a chain) that I assume would point to the right drugs for the cure amplified his psychic ability. If you are detecting a hint of skepticism you would not be far off. However, the fact remains that I was never sick long and I have a relatively clean bill of health considering that I can count on my hands how many times I have made an office visit to a conventional doctor in my 26 years. Am I lucky or is there some method to the madness of the divining pendant prescriptions? What is luck? How is this fate determined? Is it controllable?

Do suggestion and feelings have the power to change destiny? The Vision of Escaflowne bets on this theory and wins. It explores the nonlinear relationships between subjective perceptions of time, dimension, space and emotion. With emotion as the key to the future Escaflowne’s heroine, Hitomi, learns that the confused emotions of love and jealousy that she is projecting are ripping apart the very fabric of the cross dimensional world Gaea that she was magically teleported to. Soon the evil empire, Zaibach, led by Dornkirk, notice Hitomi’s influence over the events she is predicting with psychic visions, fortune telling and that all too familiar divining pendant she received from her mysterious grandmother. With Hitomi’s psychic authority and the power of the legendary Guymelef, Escaflowne, Dornkirk has the possibility of finishing his Absolute Fortune Machine. This marvel of alchemy and lost sciences has the ability to shape the future. Fate, luck, destiny all can be manipulated with Zaibach’s science experiments. Good luck can be increased with a simple blood transfusion to create false victory on the battlefield that can only lead to ruin and disaster. When the dust has settled it is the primal power of human emotion and desire that can launch the world into a new era of happiness or an apocalyptic end.

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