Vision of Escaflowne – Anime TV Series Analysis – Fate and Luck

The Cross Dimensional Beep

(Major Spoilers Ahead!)

“Hitomi, where are you?” read Hitomi’s beeper’s LED, followed by the meaningless 911. That is some pager network! Amano, Hitomi’s high school crush back on the Mystic Moonb (Earth), sent the page across dimensions to reach her on Gaea. This lucid message makes Hitomi extremely homesick, welling up all her doubts, fears and confusions about her unscheduled dimensional hop to Gaea.

Hitomi has always been good at guessing, or more bluntly, fortune telling. The tarot deck she uses for an interesting hobby has never lied. On Gaea these “powers” have been severely amplified to the point of disturbing visions that always end in disaster. These premonitions appear to be beyond Hitomi’s control, but while searching for her two lovers, Van and Allen, in the Valley of Illusion some knowing ghosts tell her otherwise. The first spirit, Variee (Van’s Atlantean mother), warns Hitomi against negligence of her powers, “Stop it. You shouldn’t use the power of emotion (the same power that brought about the destruction of Atlantis). Your feelings are based on insecurity. You created these created these awful situations which exposed everyone.”

Hitomi cannot believe it.

“Yes, you make Van and the others suffer. A fortune telling–you try to look into the future but that is wrong.”

Hitomi flashes back to all of her horrible visions that foretold every major death in the series (what she does not remember is saving Van numerous times).

“Your fear enlarged by fortune telling causes disasters from numerous choices. Even now your feelings are full of fear.”

Hitomi’s pendant swings between her indecision on a lover, Van or Allen. Hitomi is emotionally broken when another spirit reveals herself to her. Hitomi’s grandmother encourages her, “Hitomi, trust your feelings. Trust your feelings of love. Trust Van. You have made some tragic mistakes but you can make happy decisions now. Trust him.”

On Gaea, Hitomi has changed from a simple Japanese schoolgirl with a fortune-telling hobby to a demi-goddess whose visions and feelings influence the fate of the planet. She is the convenient catalyst for all of the bloody conflicts Escaflowne depicts. At the center of every invasion, massacre, Guymelef battle and unjustified assassination is the Girl from the Mystic Moon. All these events are very trying on her psyche and she rejects the responsibility her mysterious power of emotion is packaged with various times in the series. Can her feelings based in her fear of love lost really be attracting all the fateful disaster crumbling around her? It is possible that without help Hitomi would have brought about Gaea’s end, but Van’s mother reminds him of his role in conjunction with the other members of Crusade, “Van, don’t forget that the future of Gaea is dependent on everyone’s feelings.” She fades into the sky with wings spread in all their Atlantean ancestral glory.

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