Vision of Escaflowne – Anime TV Series Analysis – Fate and Luck

The Science of Luck

(Major Spoilers Ahead!)

Everybody wants the simplicity of pharmaceuticals to enhance their abilities. I remember talk of a smart pill. Though there is no pill that will enhance your intelligence yet, we have impotency drugs, hair growth, muscle builders, nicotine pills, and pep pills (hopefully a market Starbucks will soon look into, yum). All of these drugs are personal–they can only influence the person that ingests it. What if drugs we could take would change the outcome of tense situations. Escaflowne has just the trick–lucky blood transfusions.

Eriya and Neriya are twin panther animorph sisters who Folken takes under his wing (literally). They both feel a competitive love for Folken both as older brother and potential lover. Their immediate mission is to capture Van and Escaflowne and bring them over to Zaibach’s cause and Folken. The sisters fail in their first battle with Escaflowne, it seems you need more luck than usual to defeat the most powerful Guymelef of all time. The sisters return to Folken’s lap shamed and hungry to prove themselves. Folken senses that they needed a boost to successfully make Escaflowne submit. He warns them that this new treatment is dangerous and can result in deadly disaster. The sisters enthusiastically agree to the treatment, anything to impress their savior and lord. On operating slabs the twin warrior panthers draw the essence of luck through tubes from the Absolute Fortune Machine. As it enters their blood stream streaks of golden luck would arc through their complementarily colored eyes. Their luck rises.

In battle, the sisters just share thoughts of success through their psychic link. The golden fluid pulses through the capillaries in their cheeks and things go so right for Zaibach and so wrong for the enemy. As luck would have it, the inner workings of Escaflowne fail inexplicably as the sisters pull off impossible aerial maneuvers with their rocket powered Guymelefs.

Like most drugs, liquid luck has major side effects. Luck is a double-crossing ally that will offer you its best when you pay for its worst. While trying to capture Hitomi to bait Van, the twins artificial luck runs dry and dirty. Now their Guymelefs’ systems fail, now it is their time to fall.

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