My Optoma Graywolf 92 in. 16×9 Projection Screen made me #3: Buy movies I really don’t need to own for their Superbit encoding

Third in a series how my front projection screen compels me to shop, this time for Superbit DVDs.

While reading one of the various home theater magazines I subscribe to a DVD player reviewer mentioned using the Superbit (forsaking any special features for the highest video and audio quality possible) version of Spider-Man 2. This is a movie I enjoyed in the theater and I think I even rented the DVD, but the local Blockbuster doesn't carry any Superbit versions of movies. Superbit DVDs aren't cheap, most retail for $30, the best bargain online: $23! Then I was killing time in Best Buy when I noticed they sell all their Superbits for $9.99. Maybe the super brains behind Best Buy's pricing schemes figure since the DVDs contain no Special Features they must cost less than the same Special Edition for $14.95. This was so cheap that I bought Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and the Fifth Element on the spot. They all have very impressive visuals (like the intricate weave pattern on Spider-Man's costume and every last stitch of Bruce Willis' hairline) and really show off my home theater investment.

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