Young Liars by TV on the Radio

Most morning and evening commutes I cannot think a single album or artist I want to listen to, so I fall back on my shuffled "Geek Alt" playlist. Once in a great while TV on the Radio will play. I only have their Young Liars EP on the iPod though I listened to their full length, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes and loved the second song Staring at the Sun. This morning the title track, Young Liars, made the shuffle usually dominated by Built to Spill, Pavement and Elliot Smith (my shuffle seems to prefer those bands, somehow). This is one indie masterpiece. It has everything I love: a mix of complementary electronic and analog instrumentation different than standard guitar/bass/drums, obscure, mythical lyrics sung in three-part harmony, and an eery, driving drone of keyboards giving you just the right amount of dread to make you feel special that you’re not listening to Maroon 5. "Thank you for takin’ my hands…" TV on the Radio.

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