Hellboy Animated Movies Production Blog

The Hellboy Animated production crew keeps a blog. I’m pretty geeked to see this thing. The blog posts the latest character designs, concepts and background art for the series of 75 minute movies. The first movie is finished or close to it and the team has already begun the second feature. The outlook is hopeful for these direct to DVD movies to capture Mike Mignola’s vision better than the Hellboy live action movie or the animated, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, from Disney’s catalog.

Hellboy is one of my longtime obsessions. I’ve loved the beast and his Lovecraftian universe since Mike Mignola’s first stories in Dark Horse Presents (DHP). Back in the early Nineties, my fan fervor drove me to customize an old Toy Biz Marvel action figure into the Cigar munching, Right Hand of Power wielder. I crafted the fist from Super Sculpey. I sculpted the hand from cut strips of clay. After I cooked the Sculpey, I carved the final details with a dull X-acto scalpel. The dull blade gave the fist the rough stone look it needed. Hellboy was only one of the many customs I tried, others include: Madman, Hard Boiled, Grendel (original and Prime). You can find all these old characters in professional form now as action figures and cold-cast statues. Some of the figure still live at my old comic shop even though it changed ownership.

Go visit the Hellboy Animated production blog. You’ll find a satisfying amount of new interpretations of your favorite Hellboy and BPRD characters in their new animated adventures.

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