Cute Toddler Moment: and Singing Happy Birthday

Toddler_o_Geek wakes up every morning between 5:30 and 6:15 AM. A sing-songy "Watch TV" tops her demands (the more inappropriate the request the more cute she tries to be). As I get ready for work and my wife fits in a quick shower, our daughter ping-pongs between playing with her Playskool super-deformed family and their fold up house, eating dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch, searching for her baby doll or Pooh and testing our patience with the "watch TV" bit. When she is distracted by one of the first two activities I sit down at the computer hutch to catch up on email and news of wonderful things. After a minute of peace, she discovers me and wants to see the computer screen, move the mouse and type her baby code on the keyboard. I place her on my lap and satiate with a quick look at the latest blogged pics at Cute Overload.

This morning, after many puppies, kitties, and whatever-baby-gerbils-are-called, we hit a pic of a dog’s birthday party. The dog was at a dinner table waiting to blow out a single candle piercing the top of a everything-on-it cheeseburger. Usually, Toddler_o_Geek says, "Oh, so cute," or "Oh, ze puppy," but when she saw the doggy b-day set up she broke into song. She sang Happy Birthday all the way through and I joined in and was more intelligible with my "dear doggy…"

Thanks, Cute Overload, for another magical geek-father-daughter moment.

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