The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Vinyl Box Set

Classic Records Led Zeppelin Box SetIf you thought playing a normal vinyl LP was a hassle, you may need a restraining order from this new Led Zeppelin set:

The Classic Records Led Zeppelin 45 rpm Box Set consists of 44 single sided 12" records housed in a special Classic Records Road Case. The titles include Led Zeppelin I, II , III, IV, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, Presence, In Through the Out Door, and Coda with each spread out over either four or eight sides depending on whether the original LP was a single or double. These 45 rpm sides were cut at the same time as the 33 rpm discs and as such DO NOT represent a remastering that is different from the 33 rpm LP’s approved by the Band. Further, there is no additional artwork or extra recorded material of any kind. Each title has an art jacket that is the same as used on the 33 rpm releases with the additional 45’s in white jackets. Original label art by title is the same as used on the 33 rpm releases as well. All records are pressed on Classic’s proprietary 200g Super Vinyl Profile for maximum playback fidelity.

Holy Houses of the Holy! So now if you want to listen to one album you have to adjust the belt on your turntable to the 45 rpm gears, raise the tone-arm’s VTA to accommodate the thick 200 gram disc, listen to two, maybe three songs, delicately place the single sided record back in its sleeve (I would personally wear an Intel Bunny clean room suit before touching this set and risking any damage), clean and playback the second half of side A of Physical Graffiti. These discs must sound sweet, though, so it is tempting (my wife made me listen to Physical Graffiti’s "In My Time of Dying" every morning from 1995-1997 on the original vinyl, we now also own the Complete Studio Recordings CD box set and the DVD).

At a hefty $699 for the 44 single sided set I doubt this will grace many vinyl collectors’ racks. And I really cannot imagine the stoners in high school who were really into Led Zeppelin affording such a luxury. That’s a lot of groceries to bag, man.

If you have a high end vinyl playback system this is your best chance to hear Led Zeppelin live in your listening room.

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  • May 17, 2008 at 8:19 am

    Do you have this box set for sale? Price?


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