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Anime Books has a new art book by my favorite illustrator, Range Murata. 3rd Illustrations [formcode] is a binder with loose prints of Murata’s drawings and paintings. Murata’s unique mix of futuristic fashion and iconic retro-future gadgets fills the pages of this new tome. Sleek lines on dark grey overcoats complement anime bedheads cut with steampunk inspired wire and leather headphones and broken down motor scooters with the same trim as a ’57 Buick (hopefully Buicks existed in 1957).

Range Murata 3rd Illustrations [formcode]- This is the one volume which cannot be overlooked no matter what! The paintings and techniques of Murata changed from the analog work to digital. Similar to the second book of paintings "futurhythm", this illustration book comes in binder format. 160 pages. Text in Japanese. Measures 11.75" X 14".

I’ve loved Range Murata’s illustrations since I first saw the conceptual character designs Blue Submarine No. 6. Murata later proved himself as a world builder with Last Exile, the war-torn, steam punk tale of two struggling messengers and their flying car.

You also want to track down Murata’s magazine, CDB (Character Design Bible). Each issue features Japan’s top illustrators who produce their art using the tools, techniques and themes of anime and manga.

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