Original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy coming to DVD


Finally. Now I don’t have to look away in horror everytime George Lucas’s daughter is an extra in a Mos Eisley street scene. The sight is like a car crash that is trying to not look at the camera. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy coming to DVD
The original theatrical versions of the three earliest ‘Star Wars’ films are finally coming to DVD Sept. 12, exactly two years after diehard fans blasted Lucasfilm Ltd. for releasing only the digitally modified 2004 versions of the celebrated trilogy in a boxed collection.

‘See the title crawl to ‘Star Wars’ before it was known as Episode IV; see the pioneering, if dated, motion-control model work on the attack on the Death Star; groove to Lapti Nek or the Ewok Celebration song like you did when you were a kid; and, yes, see Hans Solo shoot first,’ according to Lucasfilm.

Geoff Kleinman, editor-in-chief of the Web zine DVDtalk.com… Lucas, he said, ‘seems to be able to put his fans through pain and misery and have them come out the other end buying more product. There’s only one ‘Star Wars,’ and anytime that appears on a shiny disc there will be people who will buy it.'”

I’m one of those fans. I will buy the original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back DVDs, at least. I’m sure I’ll even waste my money on Return of the Jedi, for the opening scene at Jabba’s palace.

In 2010, when Lucas decides Blu-Ray is worthy of his masterpieces, I’ll buy these films again. That purchase should bring my running Star Wars investment to $14,567.36 (incl. tax).

(Via I Watch Stuff.)

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