PS Audio Noise Harvester – Transforming AC Line Noise into Light

PS Audio Noise HarvesterAC line noise is the enemy. We want silence. Inky. Deep. Black. Silence.

PS Audio has a new device in their power accessories line-up: the Noise Harvester. When you introduce this tweak into your home theater and hi-fi AC circuit, it identifies noise and transfers the energy into light (notice the little blue bulb). Multiple units can gang together to transform more noise into light.

PS Audio’s explanation:

Get noise right at the source. The Noise Harvester is the world’s only device that actually eliminates line noise from the home’s power lines. Filters, Power Plants and conditioners either shuffle the line noise away or provide some isolation for equipment, but they do NOT elminate or remove power line noise. Only the Noise Harvester removes line noise and converts it to another form of energy, light! Give your power conditioner a fighting chance by lowering the noise floor of the power line in the first place.

Makes sense to me. I’ve always been curious about the Audioprism Quiet Line Filter wall warts, but never tried them. PS Audio’s Noise Harvester could be a superior product.

On a good day, I don’t notice any hiss or hum emanating from my speakers at my sweet spot listening position. When I hold my ear just inches away from one of my Vandersteen 1c loudspeakers, I hear a hiss, sometimes a buzz if my Rogue Audio 99 Preamp is in the signal path. The low-level noise from the electronics is usually drowned out by the rush air from the HVAC or flush of a toilet through the pipes running through my basement’s ceiling.

I listen to music to relax, to escape, to pull my emotions back. Any distraction, like AC line noise, stresses me out, distracts from the moment. My ear and mind shift focus from guitar and drums to hiss and hums. Could the Noise Harvester restore my ideal relaxed listening experience?

I currently do use DIY cryoed VH Audio power cables and a VH Audio Ice Box on my components responsible for hi-fi music reproduction: CD/SACD/DVDA player, tube preamp and two-channel amplifier. The VH Audio have no noise filtering built in. Maybe the Noise Harvester would help tame the slight hiss leaking through the speakers.

Next time I have a disposable $100 I’ll keep the Noise Harvester in mind. Though PS Audio suggests using five ganged up on one circuit, I don’t think I have that many free outlets.

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