Lullaby Mash-Ups – Remix Culture Awareness with my Toddler

I never realized Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and the ABC’s had the same tune until my daughter remixed them at bedtime while we rocked her to sleep.

Since she was born I’ve sung Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star whenever I put her to bed. She usually sings along. We sing it in low, high or staccato voices. A few months ago she started requesting "Eh-Bee-Thee’s?". After running through the alphabet at least twice we’d switch back to the Star song.

This month she’s really liked to mix the two songs up. I’ll start, "A-B-C-D…" and she’ll cut in "…little star…" then we’ll both "…H-I-J-K…" She thinks it’s hilarious. I imagine a smile in her mind at the improved creativity.

If my wife can hear us, she’ll tell you the song hops are never as smooth as described above. I really have to pause and think about fitting the right phrase with the coming melody. Luckily, my daughter has lots of musical and cognitive talent to spare, so she helps me out.

I wish this was a talent we could nurture and encourage in our daughter. Mash-up remixing is a dangerous talent path to pursue. By the time she wants to share her songs with the world I’m sure we’ll have the lullaby copyright police at our door.

With the collapse of the public domain do we owe performance licensing fees for singing these songs in the first place? Will her pending release of the "Alpha-Star Album" spell doom for the record industry?

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