Guitar Hero – Toddler_o_Geek Rocks and Head Bangs

Though never on my agenda, we ended up at Best Buy twice this weekend. The first visit was to buy my wife some time to shop at Old Navy across the parking lot; the second was to check the look and feel of the Panasonic DMC-FX01S 6MP Compact Digital Camera (it’s the size of a thick wallet, but somehow has a 28 mm lens).

On both visits my 27 month old daughter couldn’t be torn away from the Guitar Hero demo. Best Buy has a PS2 attached to a 42″ flat panel TV and two of those cheap bucket video game seats but only one Guitar Hero controller.

We watched a younger brother coach his older sibling on how to play. The senior brother hammered and strummed while the junior yanked the whammy bar for all the sustained notes. They rocked (according to the ROCK meter) most of their way through “Smoke on the Water,” until the solo. They got out of sync and were punished with many missed note clunks, ROCK meter in the red, then the heavy metal font styled “Song Failed” screen.

We never got a chance to play.

On Sunday, after we handled our prospective camera—checking its weight and feel—we found the Guitar Hero demo station empty. My daughter grabbed the guitar controller out of its propped-in-a-bucket-chair position. I squatted behind her, draped the guitar’s strap over her shoulder and pressed the green fret button to continue. The first few songs I hadn’t figured out how the game worked and neglected to strum, so I missed all the notes. I explained to my wife, “It must be broken: I’m hitting the buttons on the beat.” She was highly suspicious of my excuses because of her experience with my spastic dancing.

Rob Zombie’s “Thunderkiss 65” played for the fifth time after four quick “Song Failed” screens. By now I had figured out the strumming half of the control. I hit a few notes while my daughter just randomly hit the lowest fret (orange?). The best part of the whole experience: Toddler_o_Geek head banging along with the song. Neither my wife nor I encouraged the movement. It’s just natural. Rock.

If only we bought the camera we could have taken a picture of our super cute Rob Zombie concert.

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