FuzzMeasure Pro – Audio Analysis Application for Mac OS X

FuzzmeasureFuzzMeasure Pro is a new audio analysis graph pr0n creation tool for the Mac. Now you can create all those fancy charts you see every month in Stereophile:

FuzzMeasure Pro is an audio and acoustical measurement application you use to perform, analyze, and produce visually stunning graphs of your measurements. Using FuzzMeasure’s tools, you can easily gather measurements of a home theater system, recording studio, stage, auditorium, raw loudspeaker components, and more.

This app looks like a great (and only) audio calibration and loudspeaker analysis tool for the Mac. Armed with this software, a mike and a Macbook you could show off all of your audiophile measurement results on various forums. Whenever someone posts "My new speakers sound great," you can reply with charts for Frequency Domain Analysis, Time Domain Analysis, Delay Finding, Reverberation Time, Waterfall Plots, and Impedance of your superior equipment. Or you can tell them they suck and you rock.

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