Fatman iTube by TLAudio – iPod Dock and Tube Amplifier


The Fatman iTube is a new two piece integrated tube amp from TLAudio that docks any iPod except the shuffle (or my pre-dock, normal FireWire iPod, I assume). If I already didn’t have my convoluted Airtunes-DAC-Rogue Audio 99 Tube Preamp setup, the iTube would make a handsome addition to my listening room with its exposed tubes, laser etched chrome finish and wood block die cut around the tube seats (maybe it’s even maple, everyone knows how good maple sounds, just ask Mapleshade).

From the product description:

We present the Fatman iTube Valve Dock. This unit features a docking station that is compatible with all iPods (except Shuffle). You can control the iPod functions via the remote control – allowing you to sit back and relax whilst enjoying your favourite music and movies (yes, you can watch the movies and images on your TV too !) In addition to this we have developed a matching valve amplifier. This provides the classic audio characteristics of valves, improving the listening experience and adding value to your iPod system. The amplifier can also take alternative sound sources to allow for more audio options as well as a video output to connect video enabled iPods to your TV!

I know the iPod is more than just music now, I just hope the extra video circuitry doesn’t add any noise to the audio stream.


[via Boingboing and Gizmodo]

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