Rogue Audio Perseus Preamplifier

Rogue Audio Perseus Preamplifier

_images_Rogue_Perseus_1024.jpgMark O'Brien and the crew at Rogue Audio have retired the Sixty-Six preamp I used to own before my current Ninety-Nine. Their new Perseus replaces it with an expanded feature set as SonicFlare explains below:

Meet the new Perseus preamp from Rogue Audio, the bad boys of tubes. The Perseus is a slim $1795, slotting in right above their $995 Metis preamp and below their $2495 Ninety Nine preamp…The Perseus includes phono for you vinyl junkies as well as a remote, HT bypass and subwoofer out, which many are clamoring for these days.

I love Rogue's design evolution: shrinking the height of the preamp letting the linestage 12AU7 tubes poke through the top case protected by an egg-slicer-like cage. I just hope they haven't compromised sound quality for compact good looks. I'm still not crazy about the carved logo on the faceplate (my Ninety-Nine also sports it), I preferred the screen printed raven.

(Via SonicFlare: Daily Source for Cutting-Edge A/V.)

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