Not So Cute Toddler Moment – DVD to PSP encoding pre-empted for “I want my mommy”

What I thought I was going to do tonight:

  • Put my daughter to bed
  • Rip and make PSP videos of the Lion King and Dumbo DVDs with Handbrake, or Mactheripper and FFMPEGX (see This is in preparation for our vacation to Cape Cod, so we have video distractions in planes and cars.
  • Progress past "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" on Easy in Guitar Hero (I only began playing last night, so don't make too much fun of me)

What I actually did:

  • My wife left for her haircut, saying goodnight and see you in the morning to our daughter, our daughter wasn't paying attention
  • My daughter wandered into the hallway and realized her mom left, she starts hysterically crying, "I want my mommy" for the next ten minutes until I offer
  • We scroll through July and then June overloading on endless baby bunnies, hamsters, kittens and puppies
  • Another half hour of her crying, "Mommy," and me pleading, "She went to her haircut, she'll see you in the morning"
  • Finally, as she's screaming in my ear, I pulled a, "Did you hear that? It's the cicadas." I carried her over to the window and listened to the bugs rubbing their wings together, watched a robin flying from our roof to the tree past our sidewalk and lightning bugs blinking on and off
  • I tricked her into her room with promise of more lightning bugs in the back yard
  • She fell asleep in my arms a good hour after her bedtime

So the DVDs will have to wait until tomorrow night.

I'm exhausted. Tonight was only remarkable because she's never acted this way before—freaking out when one of us leaves. Weird.

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