Sylvania Dot-It LED Lights Up My Home Theater Rack

I spotted the Sylvania Dot-it LED lights at Home Depot this weekend. These self-adhesive lights are just what I'm looking for to light up my audio and video equipment cabinet while I have the lights out watching a movie.

Before I installed the small lights (the same size as half a yo-yo), I'd have to strain my vision reading a DVD label by the dim blue light of my player. Now with the one Dot-It light stuck to the ceiling of each cabinet illumination is only a click away.

The Dot-Its run on three AAA batteries each powering three LED bulbs that will blind you if you are staring at them trying to figure out how they turn on (I speak from personal experience). The lights can go anywhere with no wires and a simple sticky back.

Because of my solid shelves in the cabinet the light fades out by the time it reaches the bottom shelf with my turntable. I may get two more Dot-Its and attach them to the sides of the cabinet so I can drop the needle at the beginning of the record instead of in the middle of the first track or miss altogether.

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