Now You Can Decorate With Hi-Fi Audio Components


Since all of my hi-fi, home theater and video game magazine subscriptions have run out, mail-order catalogs are my only reading material. Out of the pounds of catalog paper we get every day (you try using credit cards, e-commerce, buying a house, and having babies and see how many mailing lists you get on), Uncommon Goods caught my eye. Their cover features 45 RPM record label key chains.

Inside they sell this great lamp:

Tube Lamp: With its Bakelite black box, toggle switch, mirror top, dimmer knob (a factory replacement for a Fender Telecaster guitar) and bulbs that evoke the vacuum tubes of high-end amplifiers, this lamp was designed as a tribute to high-end audio amplifiers. Illuminate your home with the minimalist design and retro style of this creation from scientist-turned-artist Nik Willmore. Made in New York City. Uses nine standard 25W bulbs, included. $195

Too expensive for me but cool and a great idea for a DIY/Ikea scavenging project.

Note: We had a new addition (baby boy) to the family last Wednesday, so posting may be more sporadic than normal.

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