Join the Vinyl LP Resurgence with the Rega P1 Turntable


Michael Fremer, of Stereophile mag and 21st Century Vinyl DVD fame, sent me this The Business article, "Vinyl Turns the Tables on CDs" printed back in May. The Business's Tony Glover says:

According to music industy figures, sales of vinyl records have soared sixfold between 2001 and 2005. Virgin Megastores reports that vinyl singles of new releases from artists like Arctic Monkeys, the Raconteurs and Pete Doherty now outsell CDs by more than two to one.

So, the question is: Do you have a turntable?

No? Well all the cool kids have one. If you're short on cash and can forsake your next iPod purchase, why not consider the new Rega P1 turntable for only $350 (the "only" is relative to turntable pricing scales, where you can easily spend a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands).

Music Direct's promo copy:

If you are one of those guys wondering what all the fuss is about with vinyl playback these days, we can assure you that after playing just one side of a good LP on the brand-new Rega P-1 you will be quite amazed. The P-1 is a new Rega table, completely built and designed in the UK. This is a highly sophisticated table for the money. The plinth is made from a low-mass core sandwiched by a special, highly-rigid laminate. The platter is a composite material, which reduces resonances and makes a perfect support for your records. The tonearm, the RB-100, is new Rega design. It’s a solid, one-piece aluminum arm and comes with a pre-mounted Ortofon OM-5 Moving Magnet phono cartridge. The table is simple to set-up and adjust. We recently received a sample and everyone at Music Direct was shocked by the performance of this table. It’s very speed stable with quiet backgrounds and the cartridge delivers the analog goods. Calling the P-1 a good deal almost doesn’t do it justice. We think this table is a bargain and outperforms much of the competition at this price. Our highest recommendation! Dustcover included. The completely British-made P1 features: · Brand-new Rega RB-100 tonearm · High quality main bearing, sub-platter assembly and stabilised MDF platter for excellent speed stability · 12v A/C synchronous motor with belt drive · Ortofon OM-5e moving magnet cartridge · Rega sound quality at an unrivalled price

Vinyl is the only true high definition audio format. Forget the failed and dead SACD and DVD-A formats. Unless you only love late Nineties pop music, you won't have any trouble finding your favorite albums on 12", 33 1/3 long play vinyl records. Sure vinyl is more work: the discs are delicate, collect dust, static and grime, can warp, plus you can't skip tracks and you have to get up to change side every 20 minutes (you need the exercise). No other format beats the sonics and emotion waiting on your records with their infinity sample rate.

Get on the bandwagon and buy the one format the music industry can't slap DRM on.

One thought on “Join the Vinyl LP Resurgence with the Rega P1 Turntable

  • March 5, 2007 at 6:43 pm

    Good read! I was debating between the P1 and an MMF 2.1


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