Simplify Your Next DIY Project With My CMoy Headphone Amp Shopping List

Through the haze that is new born care sleep deprivation, I ordered all the parts needed to make Audiologica's version of the Chu Moy Headphone amp that fits into an Altoids mint tin. I fought my former reluctance to buy all the parts through multiple small electronics dealer's crappy e-commerce systems with my desire to improve long commute's soundtrack quality.

If you're thinking about attempting the same project, then the following shopping list may help you. I tried to buy as many parts as I could from one online supplier, Digi-Key. The other vendors were used either by Audiologica's advice or me not realizing how easy it is to upgrade the circuit (hence the trip to Fry's to find upgraded input caps after the Digi-Key order).


  1. 2x P5552 CAP 220UF 35V ELECT NHG RADIAL @$.42 = $.84
  2. 2x P3104 .1 UFD POLYPROPYLENE CAP @$.86 = $1.72
  3. 5 pk. 10.0KXBK RES 10.0K OHM 1/4W 1% METAL FILM $.49
  4. 5 pk. 4.75KXBK RES 4.75K OHM 1/4W 1% METAL FILM $.49
  5. 5 pk. 100KXBK RES 100K OHM 1/4W 1% METAL FILM $.49
  6. 5 pk. 1.00KXBK RES 1.00K OHM 1/4W 1% METAL FILM $.49
  7. 1x OPA2132PA IC DUAL FET HI SP OP-AMP 8-DIP $5.40
  8. 2x CP-43502PM CONN JACK AUDIO 3.5MM 4COND @$3.69 = $7.38

Audiologica Store

  1. ALPS Volume Pot $9.50 (includes $5 fee for minimum order (boo))

Radio Shack (brick and mortar and cell phones)

  1. 1x 276-0150 PC Board $1.79
  2. 5 pk. 270-0324 9V Battery Clips $2.59
  3. 5 pk. 276-0026 2 pk. Mini Red LED $1.29


  1. 2x .47 UFD Polyester Cap (input cap upgrade/alternate) $1.40 = $2.80


  1. Altoids Peppermints $1.29 plus tax

Total = $36.56

So, the total is cheaper than most of the headphone amps I found on ebay (search for "cmoy" at least $40). Now I just have to solder the thing together without burning my house down.

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