Oyaide Carbon Fiber Wall Plate – The $200 Tin Foil Hat of Audiophile Tweaks


The Oyaide Carbon Fiber Wall Plate, available through Music Direct, has me scratching my head. I cannot figure out how an aluminum and carbon fiber AC receptacle wall plate can have any effect on the sound of your hi-fi.

Music Direct’s copy:


Not only the coolest looking wall plate ever designed, this one has technology to back it up! The Oyaide Wall Plate Mounting Frame is milled from 13mm thick, solid aluminum, machined from a single block. Check out the picture of the rear, this is not an outer frame, but an essential part of the rigidity and resonance damping properties of the wall plate! The Carbon Fiber front panel is fully shielded, non-resonant and non-magnetic. This is the first link in your entire audio system, so don’t skimp on the A/C connection! 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Note: Although the picture shows an Oyaide XXX inserted into the wall plate, the Wall Plate does not in fact come with an outlet.

Now I believe dedicated AC circuits, quality receptacles and transparent power conditioners in your audio AC chain can make a difference. I own VH Audio DIY boutique power cables (some of the wires have even been cryogenically frozen!), power conditioners and a PS Audio Power Port as a receptacle replacement. Oyaide has taken AC cleaning to a magical place for only $200. I guess this is for the set that hears improvements with Shakti Stones, golden ratio myrtlewood blocks and high powered [de]magnets. (I’ve never understood this electromagnetic bit of hi-fi tweaks, when I get some spare time I’ll research the subject.)

If carbon fiber and aluminum help “stabilize” your hi-fi AC, why don’t we just all buy boats with hulls made of the same material (now I bet you’re thinking, “Hey, why don’t I just buy a myrtlewood boat?” That would be a bad idea because myrtlewood is so dense it sinks.).

So, can someone buy this wall plate and report back its effects? There’s a money back guarantee. I’ll personally spend my next $200 on a dozen LPs and enjoy them while you’re electrocuting yourself.

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