Exact Audio Copy Finally Works on a Mac


The latest Parallels Desktop build (3150) was released this week and it finally has a virtual CD drive that Exact Audio Copy (EAC) recognizes. With previous versions, I always got stuck trying to test the CD drive in EAC’s setup wizard. Now I just need to find some advanced EAC tutorials and I can start ripping better than perfect digital copies of my favorite (or for more fun, worst sounding) CDs into lossless formats (Apple Lossless for me).

After I’ve ripped a few CDs I may also check out Foobar’s Windows playback and find out if it really makes a difference over a Mac OS iTunes, as suggested by Empirical Audio.

Happy Exact Audio Copying Parallels users.

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2 Responses to “Exact Audio Copy Finally Works on a Mac”

  1. Scott. Says:

    I still keep a Dell Dimension w/ WinXP around mainly for EAC and other such software, this is good to hear.

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