Kyle Kolbe Head Shot
Kyle Kolbe

Father, Husband and Geek. My geeky interests have not changed since I was a kid. I still love comic books, anime, role-playing and tabletop games, console video games, indie rock, imported toys and mecha models, bad American and great British sitcoms, and all the tech that lets me experience these hobbies to their fullest. Now that I’m married with children, I’ve had to strike a balance between supporting and pleasing my family and feeding my geekery hunger. Lucky for me, my wife is very accommodating and even geeks out with me on occasion (the ladies love Joss Whedon’s “Firefly”). My kids have varying levels of interest of geeky culture. Currently, my daughter couldn’t care less about most of my hobbies, while my son is interested in Warhammer 40K tabletop wargaming, but only because the Space Marines remind him of Star Wars Stormtroopers. Geekwithfamily.com exists to enrich the lives of fellow geeks and the friends and family who put up with them.

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