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VH1’s Best Week Ever Parodies Mac vs. PC ads

Monday, July 10th, 2006

Last Friday’s Best Week Ever (YouTube video link) ran some not so funny, but just kind of mean, Mac parody ads (I originally watched them Saturday afternoon on my DVR). These ads make me feel bad about my hobbies, like blogging, making ironic t-shirts and mashing-up commercial works so I can call myself a participatory fan. I appreciate the parody, though, because I never feel like the real Mac ads are telling the whole story, namely the PC’s major advantage of video games.

The Second Crop of Mac Ads is Finally Here!
02:17 – July 07, 2006

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Hellboy Animated Movies Production Blog

Monday, April 10th, 2006

The Hellboy Animated production crew keeps a blog. I’m pretty geeked to see this thing. The blog posts the latest character designs, concepts and background art for the series of 75 minute movies. The first movie is finished or close to it and the team has already begun the second feature. The outlook is hopeful for these direct to DVD movies to capture Mike Mignola’s vision better than the Hellboy live action movie or the animated, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, from Disney’s catalog. Continue reading Hellboy Animated Movies Production Blog

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Strangling the Life Out of Your Obsessions – One Encore Too Many

Wednesday, March 25th, 1998

Last week’s Seinfeld presented the self-referential concept of leaving on a high note. The joke centered around George sharing one good sarcastic comment at a meeting and then extinguishing its good humor with a descent into tastelessness. Jerry suggests he go out on a high note, like the great showmen of years past. This plan succeeds to a point. It is an idea that more franchises in the entertainment industry should take to heart. It happens all too often that a once grandly marketable entertainment giant gets overexposed and watered down to the point of self-destruction. Continue reading Strangling the Life Out of Your Obsessions – One Encore Too Many

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