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DIY Altmann Turntable Run with an iPod

Thursday, August 10th, 2006


Some in-genius German vinyl lover, Charles Altmann, made a high performance turntable using very common and inexpensive materials called the Altmann DIY Turntable. The turntable pictured is constructed out of plywood for the plinth and base, Harley Davidson motorcycle parts for a spindle and bearing, C37 lacquered pine and a knitting needle for a unipivot tonearm and, most technologically amazing, a 2 step phase motor synched with an iPod playing an endless loop of a 50 or 60 Hz sine wave for a perfectly clocked 33 1/3 record spin.

Another tempting DIY project that is so cheap and easy I might just try it myself.

Via Make.

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Home Equity Line Budget Never Enough for Plumbing – Pipe Connections

Friday, May 5th, 2006

No matter how much money I spend out of my maxed out home equity line on contractors I always end up plumbing my own pipes. Plumbers are just too expensive. Whenever the wife and I discuss the remodeling budget, plumbing is either forgotten or left to the last with her question, "You can handle that, right?" My mind blanks on all my past terrible plumbing experiences and I say, "Sure."

I’ve learned the following tips with the combined wisdom of my contractor father-in-law, my father’s teenage apprenticeship under my grandfather as a toilet installer, random books I read while checking out at Home Depot, and the internet.

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