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A Plot So Common It’s Like Coming Home - Familiarity in RPGs

Tuesday, April 28th, 1998

A sensitive, clockwork knight; an innocent, prepubescent, heir to great weapons of unwieldy and unimaginable power, a hermit scientist/wizard, a washed up mercenary, and a busty thief all thrown together against the faceless shadows of evil and their monstrous henchmen. Battle Chasers, Joe Madureira’s jump into creator owned publishing, pulls all the most loved themes from Japanese RPGs into the pages of a comic. And did the comic industry ever need this genre explored! RPGs are so analogous to comics that comic creators should be kicking themselves in the pants for not thinking of this sooner. I can’t wait until the rogue’s gallery of Battle Chasers take their first ride in an airship, call upon spirits kept in precious gems embedded in weapons and armor to vanquish an enemy boss or grow tired of the endless random battles that they must endure just to build some experience and earn some cash. I anticipate that every Square or Capcom plotline and original inventive device will be exploited by the folks at Image. But who cares? Battle Chasers is still well worth the $2.50 simply because it is completely unoriginal, it gives the fans what they want–familiarity.

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His Parent’s Basement - The GM that Ruined RPGs

Sunday, February 8th, 1998

Byron was the second biggest nerd in middle-school. His two best friends held the first and third place spots. He didn’t have much going for him in the first place, actually he had almost everything against him. He was overweight, had a C-3PO accent, wore oxford dress shirts with saggy slacks, and had a teacher for a mom. All these things added up to one fatal flaw: an overwhelming interest in role-playing games. Continue reading His Parent’s Basement - The GM that Ruined RPGs

Popularity: 10% [?]