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“Naperville is Metal” and “Post/Update” T-Shirts on Cafepress.com

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

I just uploaded two new black t-shirts in the Cafepress shop.  One is about blogging and the other about the town I call home. Check out the designs below. Now go buy a shirt!

Post Update T-ShirtNaperville is Metal Black T-Shirt

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Comcast Cable Modem Install Hassle

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Comcast installed a cable modem at my house today, kind of.

At work, I received the usual call from the wife whenever a serviceman is at our house, “The cable guy can’t find a cable or can’t connect something,” cable guy directs her in background, I can’t make it out, “Just talk to him.”

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Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 – Best Video Game Never Made

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006

Paul Robertson’s Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 is finally finished and online. If you have any love for sprite animation  reminiscent of SNES and GBA 2D video games you must see this animation. PBCBSF2006 depicts two street teens bloodily battling their way through legions of zombies, IM groupies, monster caterpillars and alien octopodes to save their girlfriend from the maniacal Pirate Baby. Super awesome.

Thanks Joystiq (BoingBoing posted about this the other day but the link wouldn’t load).

Popularity: 21% [?]

The IT Crowd: Do whatever you can to see this Channel 4 sitcom

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Are You from the Past T-shirtBy day, I’m a corporate help desk manager, so I obviously love The IT Crowd, a new British sitcom revolving around a corporate help desk team: Roy (hipster t-shirt tech geek), Moss (socially retarded tech geek) and Jen (their new computer illiterate manager, Relationship Manager, that is). The first season is already done (only 6 episodes) but each installment is tear-filled-comedy-fun. You will fall in love with Roy’s, "Hullo, IT…"; Jen’s pitying, "Oh my God…" and Moss’ self-concious, chin in neck laugh.

My wife, brother and sister-in-law all loved the show as much as me and they’re not "Standard Nerds."

I like the show so much I made some fan t-shirt designs available over at cafepress.com. My friend Fuzzy even got the first shirt design featured on Boing Boing.

Roy: "That’s funny…"

Popularity: 10% [?]