My Geek Equipment

My Main Home Theater

theater_room.jpgListening Room with DIY Acoustic Treatments

Projector: Sanyo PLV-Z3 LCD 1280×720 with CC30R gel filter over lens for flatter grayscale tracking
Screen: Optoma Graywolf 92" 16×9

Source Components
DVD Player: Panasonic DVD S97 HDMI
Universal DVD Player (Audio only): Pioneer DV 47ai with Taddeo Digital Antidote II on stereo analogue output
Wi-Fi D/A: Apple Airport Express with Sony PSP/Coverbuddy Airtunes Remote
Turntable: Music Hall MMF-5 with Grado Gold Cartridge, Ringmat Anniversary record mat
Video Game Consoles: Xbox+mod, PS2+HDD
Video Game Console Accessories: Logitech Wireless PS2 and Xbox joypads; 2 x Red Octane Ignition Pad 3's; Apple Airport Express Wireless Bridge

Processing and Amplification
AV Receiver: Onkyo TX-DS989v2
Stereo Preamp: Rogue Audio 99 Magnum with Home Theater Bypass Switch
Stereo Amplifier: Anthem MCA-2

Front Loud Speakers: Vandersteen 1c
Subwoofer: Hsu Research VTF-2 tuned to 25Hz
Center Loud Speaker: None (center speakers are for n00bs)
Surround Loud Speakers: Audio Concepts B-Flat 8" In-ceiling
Home Headphones: LBT 5.1 Personal Theater System; Grado SR60 Stereo

RAM Electronics HDMI, Component, VGA, Speaker Cables; DeWire Flatwire in-wall speaker cables for ceiling surrounds; Wireworld Atlantis III and Equinox III Interconnects; DH Labs Silver Sonic BL 1 Series 2 Interconnects; DH Labs Silver Sonic D75 Digital Coax; DIY VH Audio Flavor 1-3 Power Cables and the Hot Box (cryoed); PS Audio Power Punch Power Cable; Power Squid for all wall warts; Monster Power Strip for all components without critical audio

Spyder2 Pro, Eye-One Pro XT UV, Radio Shack SPL Meter with Avia Guide to Home Theater and Digital Video Essentials Calibration DVDs, Subwoofer calibration with Room Equilizer Wizard (REW)

Audio Concepts 85 Hz 6dB low pass inline crossovers at MCA-2 Amp; Ikea Lack end table tops used for cabinet shelving; Black Diamond Mk 3 racing cones; DIY 6500K bias light behind projection screen; Ground Loop filter on Subwoofer

Acoustic Treatments
Jon Risch DIY Acoustic Panels x6, DIY Quick and Dirty Bass Traps encased in Ikea closet organizers x2

Logitech Harmony 688

Images of my Home Theater's Built-In Equipment Cabinet



Headphones: Ultimate Ears 3 Studio Isolation Earphones
Apple ipod 20 GB touch wheel
Sony PSP 2.7 Firmware
Nintendo Gameboy Advance with Afterburner backlight mod


Mac Mini 1.25Ghz 512MB RAM
300 GB USB 2.0 External HD
Swans M-200 2.0 Multimedia Desktop Speakers

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